The New Porsche 911 Carbon Fiber VRT Aero Kit With COR Wheels

In the performance car world, having more power from your engine is a key factor when it comes to improving a car’s acceleration and overall performance. One of the major factors that is often overlooked by enthusiasts is the use of proper aerodynamic body work and the reduction of weight in key areas. These two methods of modifying a car can improve the overall performance of a car in terms of acceleration, handling, speed, braking, and even fuel economy. One aftermarket car tuning company designed a special body kit for the 997-generation Porsche 911 model that accomplishing both of these goals thanks to its lightweight construction. Called the VRT, the package includes both front and rear carbon fiber body work along with new lightweight forged COR wheels and gives the Porsche 911 a new, more muscular look as well.

The entire body kit is manufactured using an advanced autoclave technique that creates a very strong construction, coupled with an extremely light weight. The process ensures that the carbon fiber is lighter than most aluminum and steel components by up to 40 percent, helping to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. Each of the carbon fiber pieces also boast an OEM-quality fitment to ensure that modifications are not required to the standard body work. Even the new COR wheels have been configured to accommodate the factory bolt pattern or central-locking mechanism.

The VRT package first addresses the front aerodynamics of the Porsche 911. A new bumper with spoiler lip features integrated LED lighting along with larger air intakes to feed the front radiators with cool air. The front spoiler also helps to generate downforce at the front axle for better high-speed stability.

Along each side of the Porsche 911 are new side skirts as part of the VRT package. The side skirts help to visually lower the height of the sports car while also redirect air around the new COR wheels to reduce drag. The roof was also given a new carbon fiber replacement that helps to eliminate over 50 lbs. of weight from the highest point on the car for better overall performance. The rear of the 911 features a new bumper with integrated diffuser system and a new spoiler that generates more downforce than the stock spoiler.

To finish the VRT package, customers can choose from an array of three-piece or monoblock COR wheels that are made from lightweight forged aluminum alloy. The wheels help to reduce weight at the hub to improve overall vehicle performance and wear special high performance tires for added grip.

The Best Way to Repaint Jeep Wheels

A good way to make your Jeep appealing is to repaint it. Jeeps that are used for off-road driving and the wheels tend to look worn out after some few years. This is because off-road driving involves driving in the mud and water or around rocks. This cause scratches and surface rust on the Jeep wheels.

Even though you do proper maintenance of your wheels, repainting them makes wheels look new again. Anyone can repaint the wheels and get positive results. Repainting Jeep Wheels takes some few hours using materials from an auto parts store.

The first thing is removing the Jeep wheels in pairs. Untie the lug nuts on the front wheels and lift the jeep with a car lift. Ensure the jack is securely standing on the vehicle. Lower the Jeep lifts until an equal weight is distributed between the lift and jack stands.

Use the 400-grit sandpaper to sand the Wheels, rub as if you are washing the Jeep. Ensure you keep the sandpaper wet the entire time. Use water from a bucket or running water hose pipe. The water is usually used to keep build-up of the old paint from scratching into the surface of the wheel. Sand the surface until the wheel feels smooth to the hand. Remove any rough spots and any scratches or surface rust.

After removing the dirt apply degreaser. Once applied, wash the Jeep wheel off with water. Allow the wheel ample time to dry completely. Apply masking tape on the tires sidewall and also around the tire's valve stem this is to limit the overspray from the paint. Ensure that no parts of the wheel are masked. Use the adhesive promoter and spray the primer in light thin coats so that it fills all parts of the wheel. Each coat should be sprayed within two to three minutes. Let it dry.

Use the 1200-grit sand paper and wipe the Jeep wheel down. Sand down any areas which were contaminated. If necessary, you can reapply the primer. Wash this area with water after final sanding. Then, use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to clean the entire area.

Finally, you spray the wheel with color coat rim paint. Apply two to three light coats, this limits dripping of the paint. Ensure you keep the nozzle eight to twelve inches away from the wheel surface and also apply in a back to forth motion. Allow the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes and remove the masking tape.